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  1. In the years since September 11th, 2001, defense contractors have become a permanent fixture of the U.S. military-security apparatus. But while huge companies like Boeing (BA), Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Raytheon (RTN) make billions of dollars every year, even in times of sequestration, a number of smaller-sized companies also make their ostensible contributions to national security while taking home profits.

    Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation (BAH)is one such company. The $2.45 billion market-cap company is a management and technology consulting firm that went public with the help of the Carlyle Group in 2010. Last year Booz reported $1.3 billion in revenue from contracts with U.S. intelligence agencies alone, though it also provides services to non-military government agencies.

    The company鈥檚 shares hit a pothole on Monday, dropping over 4 percent at one point and hovering around $17.34 at midday resulting from the revelation of classified information by NSA whistleblower Mark Snowden detailing the shadowy National Security Agency鈥檚 monitoring of user-data from telecom companies.

    Snowden鈥檚 leak detailed the NSA鈥檚 PRISM program, described by director of National Intelligence James Clapper as „an internal government computer system used to facilitate the government’s statutorily authorized collection of foreign intelligence information from electronic communication service providers under court supervision.“

    Indeed, the companies implicated in making user-data available to the government include all the telecoms, like Verizon (VZ) and AT T (T), but also all the major tech firms like Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB), and Apple (AAPL). The information will not come as any kind of a surprise to those who follow national security matters regularly, but is significant all the same for providing a rare window onto the mechanisms of a specific program within the U.S. security apparatus.

    For Booz Allen, who was hired by the NSA to help with the program, the leak is embarrassing and could scare off investors and clients for a number of reasons.

    Government agencies, from whom Booz gets the vast majority of its contracts, will presumably not be happy with the fact that such a high-level leak could result [url=]Yankees 52 CC Sabathia White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] from one of its employees who only worked there for some three months, but who had high enough clearance to access the data all the same.

    The leak and subsequent media furor will also draw unwanted attention to the company鈥檚 involvement in what is clearly being understood as 鈥渟pying on Americans鈥?(and, of course, foreigners). While the NSA and the White House have repeatedly stressed that the content of phone calls and emails is not the target of the PRISM program, so much as [url=]Blue Jays 10 Vernon Wells red 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] the patterns of calls, emails, and internet activity, there is the enormous risk of public backlash that could brand the company with a scarlet letter of sorts.

    But ethical investing is not a clear cut matter. For example, oil companies often see no significant dent in share prices after a spill, as was most recently the case with Exxon Mobil (XOM) after the Mayflower, Arkansas incident in late March of this year.

    Furthermore, Booz has been enjoying a really good year so far. The $2.45 billion market cap company has seen shares advance over 30 percent year-to-date and nearly double over the past twelve months. If it can somehow show that the Snowden incident was a fluke, or an occurrence that can at least be avoided in the future, the company stands a good chance of continuing to receive government contracts, which will be good news to shareholders and prospective investors.


  2. For as good asOvechkin andTavares were this season, there wasn’t a better „per game“ player in the NHL this season than Crosby. Don’t be surprised if he wins the Ted Lindsay award as well.
    Gallagher will take home the Calder Memorial. He was second amongst rookies in goals, third in goals and finished with a nice plus-minus of plus-10, helping theCanadiens on both ends of the ice.
    Bobrovsky has to be the choice [url=]Cheap Oakley Split Jacket Sunglasses[/url] for Vezina. While he didn’t have as many starts or wins as Lundqvist or Niemi, he had a superior goals-against average (2.00) and save percentage (.932 ) and nearly led the Blue Jackets to the playoffs after going21-11-6 as [url=]Oakley HOLBROOK Sunglasses Outlet[/url] the starter.
    Kris Letang accumulated 38 points in just 35 games for the Penguins, boasting a plus-minus of plus-16 he’s my choice for the James Morris Memorial.
    Meanwhile, you could argueToews was snubbed by being left out as an MVP finalist after finishing with 48 points and ranking third in the NHL in plus-minus (plus-28). He’ll take home the Frank J. Selke andMark Messier NHL Leadership Award.
    I would guessQuenneville will win the Jack Adams Award after leading the Blackhawks to a whopping 77 points (36 wins in 48 games), whileBergevin will be named top NHL general manager after the Canadiens went from last in the Northeast Division a year ago to first this season.
    Those are my predictions. Be sure to leave your own in the comments.


  3. Peter Steinbrueck (Photo: Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)

    During his years on the Seattle City Council, developed a reputation for being, shall we say, a tad long-winded from time to time.

    When [url=]Cheap Dallas Mavericks T Shirts on sale[/url] he stepped down in 2007, a colleague expressed relief that Steinbrueck s speechifying would be subject to the usual public-testimony time limits if he returned to City Hall. We will finally have only two minutes of Peter Steinbrueck, Councilmember Nick Licata at the [url=]Los Angeles Clippers LOGO T Shirts[/url] time.

    As a candidate for mayor this year, Steinbrueck has sought to hone his rhetoric with a little professional help. According to a campaign-finance filing, he paid $1,700 in April to Lorraine Howell, a Seattle consultant who trains business executives and others on public speaking and media interviews.

    advertises her expertise in helping clients craft an elevator speech. That s a useful skill for a mayoral candidate like Steinbrueck who frequently faces questions at candidate forums such as: How would you solve homelessness in Seattle? You have 1 minute.

    When asked about his training last week, Steinbrueck was guarded. I m not going to answer the specifics of what kind of speech coaching I got, he said.

    But Steinbrueck said he generally received advice on how to be more precise and succinct in his public oratory.

    We can all benefit from that kind of practice, he said.


  4. 57 .291 .339 .570 67 17 4 13 44 131 11 60 6
    As you can see, there is a lot there to like and some things to be concerned about. Let’s start with the good. A 20-year-old in High-A hitting .291 with a slugging percentage of .570 and 34 extra-base hits is obviously a huge positive.
    There was some doubt about how well Baez might be able to hit right away because he is still very crude. But when you can swing a bat as hard and as fast as he can, good things are going to happen when you make contact.
    Staying on contact, that brings us to some of the reasons that give us pause before proclaiming him a surefire superstar.
    What made Baez’s performance on Monday night so special, according to Daytona hitting coach Mariano Duncan (h/t ), is that he hit four home runs on four different pitches.
    „The first ball to right-center field was a cutter, the second was a changeup, the third to left-center was a fastball and the last one down the left-field line was a breaking ball,“ Duncan said.
    Like the preseason scouting reports said, Baez is still learning to become a pure hitter. He will swing from his heels every time he steps into the box, regardless of where the pitch is. Having close to 5.5 strikeouts for every walk is worrisome.

    Cubs fans know all too well about having a top prospect who can really hit but doesn’t have a lot of patience: Starlin Castro.
    Castro came up as one of the best pure hitters in the minor leagues, earning praise for his bat speed and plate coverage. He was called up to the big leagues very early, at the age of 20 in 2010. He had instant success, hitting .300/.347/.408 in 125 games as a rookie.
    Things got even better for Castro in his second year in the majors, as he posted a .307/.341/.432 line in 158 games. He wasn’t working counts extremely well, but he made enough contact to keep his average and on-base percentage at a good level.
    But then pitchers got the book on Castro. They beat him with breaking balls, especially low and away, and he has regressed ever since even though he should be entering the best years of his career. He did hit well at the start of 2012, posting a .317/.336/.454 line through May.
    After that, Castro slipped down to .268/.321/.429 the rest of the year. He has only gotten worse through two months this season, hitting .243/.283/.341 with a 46-11 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 255 at-bats.

    Your browser does not support iframes.
    Here is what Javier Baez was doing in spring training. Courtesy of MLB Advanced Media

    The fear for the Cubs has to be that Baez doesn’t learn to hit off-speed pitches and hacks at everything, which causes him to flame out in the upper levels of the minors like another failed prospect for the team who had a great swing: third baseman Josh Vitters.
    However, circling back to the spectacle of the four-homer game on Monday night, Baez is well beyond where both Castro and Vitters were [url=]Cheap Oakley Pit Boss Sunglasses[/url] at this point in their respective careers because he has more power.
    The prevailing theory when you are evaluating prospects is the last thing to come for a hitter is power. You have to be able to hit to show power, and right now Baez is hitting well enough to show his big power potential.
    While his approach at the plate does merit some hesitation, it is important to keep these things in proper context. As mentioned before, he is just 20 years old and already in High-A. If the Cubs were worried about him being overmatched, they wouldn’t have pushed him to the level.
    The point of this is to determine whether Baez’s special night is just the latest sign that he will become a superstar in Major League Baseball. Anyone [url=]Oakley Restless Sunglasses[/url] who follows prospects knows that there are big things expected from him.
    You don’t get to be the top prospect in a system, even the worst one in baseball (which the Cubs certainly don’t have), without having some future value in the big leagues.


  5. Facebook Fark Digg Reddit San Antonio Spurs T Shirts Stumble Government contractor says Snowden fired after NSAleak Associated Press
    Tuesday, June 11, 2013 | 8:03 a.m.
    Government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton says it’s fired Edward Snowden, the employee who leaked details of a secret National Security Agency surveillance program.
    The McLean, Va.-based firm says in a statement that it fired Snowden „for violations of the firm’s code of ethics and firm policy.“ It said he had earned a salary of $122,000 a year.
    Snowden had identified himself as the person who leaked top-secret information. He fled to Hong Kong in hopes of escaping criminal charges.
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    June 11, 2013 8:52 a.m. He is leaking.
    He needs to go see a doctor and stop the leaking.
    It is very messy.
    Only trusted comments are displayed on this page.

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    Comments are moderated by Las Vegas Sun editors. Our goal is not to limit the discussion, but rather to elevate it. Comments should be relevant and contain no abusive language. Comments that are off-topic, vulgar, profane or include personal attacks will be removed.
    If you would like to submit your comment as a letter to the editor, .


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  8. 私は私達の中国の友人の何人かがちょうど沖縄の独立した音声、いくつかの希望ことがわかった „報われない愛を。“あなたは沖縄の人々だと思うの位置に立っている場合は、別の問題を見つける非常に複雑であり、独立していないそれから平和と調和、豊かな人生を生きるための意志。今日では、年間、横たわっている沖縄の人々はあなたはまた、日本政府の助成金を300億円取得することができます。その後、独立して後に?

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